Molten chocolate

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Dec 4 2007
Brown and white tiled bathroom

Dark brown rooms have been on my mind of late. I love how the light bounces off the molten walls. Brown needs to be paired with plenty of natural and artificial lighting though, for the choccy-ness to shine. It’s a strong colour though, so while I’m keen to try it out one day, I imagine I’d be nervous as a first time home owner to paint such a strong shade in my bedroom!

Brown bedroom with ornate bedhead

This shade of brown has a tint of red in it and adds some warmth and fire to the room. Pale pink bedlinen soften the space while the mirrored furniture brighten and lighten the space.

Brown and white bedroom with mermaid floor lamp

This bedroom is flooded with natural lighting which makes the brown not seem dark. And the gold surface of the mermaid adds a touch of luxe and glamour… and the white and turquoise adds accent and interest and colour. I Love it.

Brown and white tiled bathroom

Brown and white rattan weave tiles is so beautiful. Gloss brown and gloss white in the bathroom really adds interest. At night, the warm glow of warm lighting would be oh-so romantic.

That round mirror and large coral lighting to the sides offsets all the straight criss cross lines.

Deep brown theatre room with bright pink cushions

The deep brown walls here are in matte so as to absorb every bit of lighting. Works in this theatre room! The deep brown walls is perfect for a room that needs to be darkened for its purpose.

Brown dining room with round table and wall hanging

I think this room works soooo well because the other room through those super wide white-white-white architraves are light in colour and feel. So the dining space feels cozy and intimate.

I also think that brown looks great when paired with 2 very important things: natural light and white paint and furniture.

Brown bedroom with high ceilings and white ceiling lamp

Brown bedroom with large bedhead

Brown living room with stony fireplace and cream lounge suite

Kim from DesiretoInspire is also thinking brown for her bedroom! And blogger of More Ways to Waste Time has done the deed! The corner window is such a blessing with its abundance of light. The change from warm red to dark brown is truly such a delicious one.

And how can I forget Nicole of Making it Lovely‘s GORGEOUS brown library?

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