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We’re back!!!

Happy New Year!!

We got back from in laws about 6pm last night. Since then till midday today, we’ve been madly cleaning. Once I get home from holidays for more than a week, I have a desperate need to clean the entire place, even though I normally clean before leaving. Don’t ask why.

Now we’re relaxing. I can’t be bothered thinking about dinner.

Lacquered yellow top table, by Marianna Kennedy

Lacquered yellow top table, by Marianna Kennedy

I discovered bespoke, a line of bespoked home furnishings created by Marianna Kennedy, a talented duo from London.

‘The human element that speaks through the metal and wood, the sense that somebody made [this antique]…’

I’m now struck by a need to secure an old side table, getting me some black gloss and some pretty yellow paper (or fabric) and going all decoupage-crafty!

Marianna states her ethos: “The pleasure of antiques is not only the pleasure of beautiful materials skilfully put together – it is a sense of the mind and hand behind those things – the human element that speaks through the metal and wood, the sense that somebody made this, and that there is a connection between us…. There is no reason why new, modern pieces shouldn’t have this connection – this feel for the human that mass production always fails to deliver.”

I’m constantly looking for a cute cabinet to store my printer/scanner and workbags… might do me some of that gorgeous decoupage work (’cause I can’t handpaint like Ms Kennedy and can’t afford the super pricey tag!).

Some pretty Chiyogami papers might do the job nicely…


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    Ashley L.

    8 January 2009

    So cool! I love the boldness.


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