Marian Bantjes

Marian Bantjes

I love typography. I spend many hours playing with type and fonts. I’m working on a project now with that and soon will reveal here. My passion for this is why, I was hooked on Marian Bantjes, via Orange Beautiful.

Marian Bantjes lives in Canada and illustrates, writes and draws, among other things.

One of my favourites from her work is her series of Love Stories, which was included in the latest UK-based Creative Review magazine (unfortunately, only available to subscribers). Love Stories is her story-telling of someone she loves. If we bothered to read them, she describes these loved ones too.

Her mother (through her work, you can also tell something of the person she lovingly crafts masterpieces in honour of). I’d imagine her mother to be so colourful, a many-interests lady, warm, friendly and vivacious.

Her neighbours:

I’d imagine her eldest brother to be strong, dedicated, big hearted and bold:

Her father, who must be a person who loves automobiles and mechanical processes and probably also thinks analytically:

A friend, who would be a great person to get to know, whimsical, flamboyant, big-big hearted:

For the boys who loved her back, how they’ve affected her heart, her life, and how deep their affect has been on her and to beautiful moments shared (this is painstaking gloriously beautiful burnt wood!):

Glorious work huh? I’d love some of these as reprints.

Another item of Bantjes that I absolutely love is her custom-designed clock she made for a fund-raising event for AIGA/DC.

Starts wheels spinning in my head for custom designed clocks for loved ones for Christmas… (thanks Marian, for the idea).

Etsy, Marian??



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