Mamma I love you!

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May 11 2008
Happy Mothers Day from bijou kaleidoscope 2008
Happy Mothers Day from bijou kaleidoscope 2008

Happy Mothers Day from bijou kaleidoscope 2008

*from my vintage orange Litton typewriter

I type very fast. About 88 wpm. 90% accuracy. Do I credit myself for that? Was i due to long hours on the computer chatting or surfing or blogging?

No. Twas my mum.

From the age of 12 till about 16. I had typing lessons at home, on a vintage typewriter, MUCH older than my Litton above. This was the chunky, press down hard on keys and tap with all your strength type. The ones so heavy they needed an industrial metal desk to perch on. I was not allowed to see the paper in the roller, much less the keyboard. My eyes had to be trained on the paper I was typing from at all times. Later on, she would dictate to me a speech (I have a dream was popular) at only slightly slower pace than normal. Again, my eyes had to be trained on her, rather than the line on the paper or the keyboard.

So I type as I do, because mum gave me the skills, time and tenacity to learn, conquer and master.

As she has many other things. Perseverance is mum’s middle name. In the face of hardship most of her life, she kept going. She also taught me about true love. True love does not come with fireworks, roses and diamonds.
It comes with “despite”, i.e. forgiveness, acceptance, challenges and belief.

I salute you mum. Happy Mother’s Day.

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