Luxury living in Toorak

13 November 2007
16 November 2007



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    13 November 2007

    The WHITE ceiling, lighting, and the ceiling height is what makes me say WOW!!!!!!

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    14 November 2007

    feels cold. -addie

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    14 November 2007

    Hey. I only just discovered your blog and I love it. You bub is so cute and I love her nursery. I am also from Melbourne and I have a home style blog too kind of new, but I think we have similar tastes.

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    15 November 2007

    This one was in the mags recently, Vogue Australia Belle or Inside Out. I’ll have to go search. It looked even more ravishing when a professional photographer snapped it.

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    18 November 2007

    love that green chandelier in the white space – gorgeous!! And how the drapes pile themselves onto the window seats in the living room – very romantic.

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    20 November 2007

    I just cried in my cereal a little bit. So pretty…sigh.

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    20 November 2007

    heheheyeah the green chandelier pops so much in this space because there’s no other green! now i want a green chandy someplaces… actaully there is some green reflected in this great big room: the pot of flowers on the coffee tablehehehe kim, got a spare $3mil? :Pactually c+k as much as i love the drapes, i love the extra seating beneath it!ooh!!! i just spotted the white white elephants to each side of the fireplace! i might start a collection of them. saw one in st vincent’s the other day…

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    All Things Bright and Beautiful....Creative Flair Chic

    22 November 2007

    Dear Drey – that would have to be one of the most coolest homes in Toorak. From what Ive seen in my searches – – most of them are a bit too salmon pink or over fooffed for my taste.(says she of psychodelic colour tendencies!!)Well discovered! Magnificent green chandelier too!!!


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