Let’s face it… Part 2

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Dec 3 2008
Thank You alphabet magnets on my refrigerator

Wow I am so touched by the response I got from Let’s face it blogpost.

Thank You alphabet magnets on my refrigerator

Thank You alphabet magnets on my refrigerator

I also wanted to make it clear that I wasn’t complaining about the lack of commenting by ex- and current- lurkers on here. Far from it! (Although it’s so nice to meet you all!!!!!!!)

My point of writing that was to share my frustration and inner agitation at being so much less than some big names we’ve seen in the interior design worldwide scene and some like myself, who strive to make their home a place of beauty and inspiration… and who succeed in their aim.

Thank you so much for letting me know that my uneducated, small steps have in some way inspired you. In turn … please know you very largely brought me out of this mellow-ness.

(Btw, it was husband’s idea that I share with you how I felt… because he also felt that I needed to see myself, and my attempts through my readers’/someone else’s point of view. He is proud of my work, but he’s too close to me to fully appreciate the value of my attempts. I could paint the room mission brown and install ochre furniture and shaggy red rugs and he’d still say I’d inspire him!)

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