Kelly Wearstler’s new blog!

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Feb 4 2011

I jumped on my vibe, my life as soon as Holly from decor8 sent out the news!

Kelly Wearstler in green gown against black wall

Kelly Wearstler

My creative process is about experimentation, taking risks and having a free spirit.-

Kelly Wearstler

Kelly Wearstler in multi coloured gown

Kelly Wearstler

Beautiful design maven Kelly Wearstler has a new blog! You MUST jump on it yourself for what promises to be picture-rich, tips-and-tricks-rich and just Kelly-rich!

Kelly Wearstler's office

Kelly Wearstler’s office

How beautiful is is the ever fashionable Kelly’s design studio! So serene, and neutral, to allow the inspiration-trays to pop with their wild colours, patterns and ideas!

Read this great article on Ms Wearstler in the NY Times.

Kelly Wearstler in room full of books

Kelly Wearstler in room full of books

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