Jacqueline Kennedy: The White House Years

Poster of Jackie Kennedy dresses, as printed and sold by Field Museum in Chicago

I stumbled on this poster on some blog, saved the image and have had that window open for days now, looking for that poster online everywhere… (Sorry but I have long since closed that window the blog was on, if you know, please let me know and I will credit that link.)

I have to have the poster!

Poster of Jackie Kennedy dresses

Can you help!?

Update: Thank you kay* for the link; I got this image from No.462.



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    25 January 2008

    Damn it! I consider myself a google queen – and haven’t been able to find this poster either…but I’ll keep trying!In the meantime, is this the site you possible saw it on: http://no462.blogspot.com/2007/08/inspiration-jackie-kennedy.htmlGeez. I managed to find that one…

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    25 January 2008

    hi kay thanks for trying :) i’m also considered a Google queen… oh well, maybe i’ll find it in some American basement the next time I visit US…

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    Jennifer Ramos

    3 February 2008

    this poster is soo pretty, and different. I would love to have that in my bathroom .Jen Ramos’100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards’www.madebygirl.com

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    4 February 2008

    so would i! love love love something like this …. thinking about taking that idea for something for my girl…

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    6 February 2008

    HiI think it came from this exhibition a few years ago at the JFK museum. Maybe you could call the museum and see if they have any posters for sale? http://www.jfklibrary.org/JFK+Library+and+Museum/News+and+Press/Jacqueline+Kennedy+The+White+House+Years+Opens+September+15.htm

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    8 June 2008

    I don’t know if you ever found the poster. But, it is from the exhibition at The Field Museum. You may wish to check their Museum Shop for availability. If, you should locate it it, would you let me know, as well?

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    10 June 2008

    hi, a few of you have asked me if i ever been able to get a copy of this: answer: NO :((they don’t have any more copies of the poster… special print one, apparently. so, can’t help sorry…might one day decide to do one myself of h’s frocks :)

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    23 July 2008

    OMG!! I just came online trying to find that poster! I WANT IT!!!

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    28 October 2008

    Hey, If anyone is still interested in the poster, I have a slightly smaller version of the one shown (approximately 12×17 inches)but otherwise it is extremely similar. Email me and I can send a picture if you are interested.SeptHuitNeufDix@gmail.com

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    27 March 2009

    Hey everyone- I got it!!! just recieved e-mail from field museum in chicago and they are selling it again. Just go to the main site and it is under posters!!!! YAHOO!!

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    28 March 2009

    got mine already! (bought today) thanks for the heads up!


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