Interior love: My Super Ex-Girlfriend

My Super Ex-Girlfriend

I know, I know, this is a 2006 movie… but it was aired on TV recently and I did enjoy re-surveying G-Girl‘s super white apartment.

Uma Thurman plays Jenny Johnson, a lady with super powers. Ms Johnson lives in a gorgeously appointed apartment. It’s super white, super glossy… just the type of apartment that would not faze a superhero’s efforts to clean and polish.

I don’t remember blogland going all goo-goo-ga-ga over super white living spaces in 2006. My Super Ex-Girlfriend came off quite avant garde for me, with its all white and blond wood feel.

The White Hallway, My Super Ex-Girlfriend

The White Hallway

Every surface is white! Ceiling, walls, floors… even some of the chairs. As befitting an art gallery owner, the apartment’s only wall decor are these classically framed prints and photos. G-Girl is very no-nonsense, no-gray-shades, black and white. And this is reflected in her apartment. Very little fuss, very little ruffles. The frames are not ornate… and the large white space between frame and actual photograph, again highlighting this side to G-Girl.

But what a glorious idea for artwork! Simple super-slim picture shelves almost on every wall. Course, my artwork will be way coloured!

The Living Room, My Super Ex-Girlfriend

The Living Room

No furry rug, no fancy heart (or any) cushions… But luxuriously appointment pieces of furniture…

Don’t you love the coffee table to the right? I have been looking forever for a vintage giant wooden spool drum (for electrical and phone wiring) to use as a coffee table. This sort of mirrors the spool shape.

Strong, stark black frames for windows, no luxurious cascade of velvet or lace. It’s just this flowy chiffon type fabric that flits about beautifully with her super-fast movements.

The Living Room, My Super Ex-Girlfriend

The Living Room

I love the different materials and finishes used in her living space. We have wood, leather, wool/linen, brocade, chiffon, wrought iron, brass, gilt…

Wall shelving of photos and pictures, My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Wall shelving of photos and pictures

Another view of the living/lounge area. A very formal seating arrangement, light pinkish lounge chairs. But so beautifully put!

My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Not too sure how practical it is to have that deep buttoned white long ottoman by the heater, but it does look so good there. Uma’s character does move it to another spot later in the movie.

I also really heart that art deco blond wood side table to Luke Wilson‘s left.

The All-White Living Room, My Super Ex-Girlfriend

The All-White Living Room

A peek into her bedroom zone via this all white hallway. No glimpses of kitchen or bathroom, but just large window after window with chiffon after chiffon curtains billowing around. And at the end of this hallway is her bedroom. No doors for G-Girl!

The Long Hallway, My Super Ex-Girlfriend

The Long Hallway with Billowy Curtains

At night. You can see the same white hallway. The night sky is camouflaged by the same chiffon curtains… so much so it still looks like daytime!

A few candles, more casual seating arrangement, and the place becomes warmer, friendly, softer.

The Hallway Leads into her Bedroom, My Super Ex-Girlfriend

The Hallway Leads into her Bedroom

You know, the more and more I see it in pics and experience in my home, the more I want to eschew overhead lighting and just use lamps. I love the vintage lucite lamp. Pity they cost a motza here in Australia…

Here’s a better look into the bedroom area. Now the pictures on the walls have more colours, are more curvy. Now the space has some feminine touches, like the bunch of happy yellow lilies and ornate table.

Thurman in Her Bedroom, My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Thurman in Her Bedroom

Uma Thurman is not my favourite beauty in Hollywood, but in this shot, she looks exquisite. And see the side table? And lilies? Her grey and white throw?

The Bedroom, My Super Ex-Girlfriend

The Bedroom

Ah. Here in the “heart” of the apartment, we get to the “heart” of the character. And she is indeed soft, mushy and feminine. Her bedroom is full of curves and softer lines. Hardly anything is with strong, defined lines. And while it is predominantly white, there are other colours: blues, greens, taupes, yellows.

The Bedroom, My Super Ex-Girlfriend

The Bedroom

As Jenny Johnson disappears off into the closet/bathroom area to change into G-Girl, we see the first non-white room. It’s aqua!

The Bathroom, My Super Ex-Girlfriend

The Bathroom

Again, more feminine touches, quite a bit of flowers/greenery… I love this room. It’s messy, it’s girly…

All in all, I so enjoyed these scenes and wish there were way, way, way more glimpses into G-Girl’s apartment.



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    18 June 2010

    It is very pretty. I would love to have an apartment like that someday over the rainbow. lol I haven't seen that movie. I like Uma Thurman and Luke Wilson, I just thought the story was a bit goofy. ;)

  2. Reply


    18 June 2010

    you know jessie, it WAS a little goofy. i couldn't bear to watch it past the apartment!!!! hehehe

  3. Reply


    21 September 2010

    i have been looking for these pictures everywhere thank you so much for posting! i love the bed especially but i have again been looking for it for years and have not found it yet…

  4. Reply


    27 September 2010

    Hi thanks for your comment :) I love that bed too, and wasn't able to find anything online about the source. Sorry about that, maybe one day walking down the fancy furniture stores in your area, you'll find a similar one in the window!

  5. Reply


    6 February 2012

    Horrible movie, but great apartment!


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