Senor Senosiain’s houses

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Jan 20 2007
Javier Senosiain's home

anyone who knows me knows that i LOVE quirky.

i really want to visit this. it’s an “organic home” and made to embody the inside of a peanut shell… except from the outside it looks like a shark! made by architect Javier Senosiain, this resides in Mexico.

wait for the pic to show, it’s really something else.

01 view from outside
02 every room, although underground has an door leading into the lovely garden surrounding the home
03 outdoor grotto and spa
04 master bedroom
05 kitchen and living area
06 master bathroom
07 children’s bedroom
08 lit corridors joining every room; no doors in any room!

Javier Senosiain's home

i’d like to spend a few days there, looks like a lifestyle on its own!

More pics in Senor Senosiain’s book, Organic Architecture.

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