I want a terrarium… and a hedgehog… or two!

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Jan 13 2010
via Etsy: doodlebirdie
A fishbowl terrarium, via Martha Stewart

A fishbowl terrarium, via < a href="http://www.marthastewart.com">Martha Stewart

Ever since seeing Martha Stewart’s video podcast on how to create terrariums and care for them, I’ve been looking for an old, oversized glass jar. We’re moving up to the Blue Mountains in 2 weeks and being up a mountain is one of the best places to score some good carpet moss plants… so terrariums are definitely in my future!

Martha Stewart setting up my terrarium

Martha Stewart setting up my terrarium

But would I let you down by stopping just there? Of course not!

Not enough that terrariums are absolutely top on my favourite items to have for interest, now I want some of Woodland Terrarium magic from Etsy seller DoodleBirdie‘s store!

At the shopping list:


cute little yellow birds perched on birdbaths

Mama and little baby hedgehogs!!

and of course, to finish it off,

Toadstool home

Read more about how to with a succulent terrarium (succulent versions most be uncovered).

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