home office v 2.0

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Mar 20 2007
My home office 2007

so today i cleared the crap off the desks, put my purchases away, reorganised and rearranged my home office/study/guest bedroom. just wanted it to be less cluttered.

I typically like things within reach so my typical desktop has stationery, paper, laptop, lamp, coaster and tray for letters/papers. I was tired of seeing “purely functional” and needed to bring pretty onto my desktop with what I had to work with.


My desk with the breast cancer pink cutting board as the mat.

My home office 2007

I needed something to store my wrapping paper and rolls. So I found this bargain of a cane bottle rack for it :) One of my more ingenious ideas.

My home office 2007

My supplies cupboard. I hate dust and needed to have it stored clearly but behind glass. I chose white because it keeps things bright.

My home office 2007

The other side of my home office. I’m standing right in front of the supplies cupboard.

My home office 2007

It’s a small space, but it’s my little space for now. I am blessed to have something to call home, however un-ideal.

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