Home office: Completion

Craft cabinet view of my home office Mar 2008


We’ve been living here for almost 3 years now. Only last weekend did I feel like my home office was finally finished.

I’d been trying to have the small room act as guest bedroom and study. But I gave that up two weeks ago. I work from home, need substantial storage space, husband also studies in there on his own desk, we have a bookcase for books and of course, Hannah has to have her own little table (so that she can colour her books on the floor!).

March 2008 version of my home office

March 2008 version of my home office

So last week I finally sold our futon bed and finally bought the large sliding door bookcase that has been pinned on my noticeboard for about 2 months now. I moved the armchair which had been in Hannah’s room to the corner of the study now and it looks good there too! (Update on Hannah’s room to come!!)

Craft cabinet view of my home office Mar 2008

Craft cabinet view of my home office Mar 2008

Come Sunday night after finally setting it up in our home office space, whenever I walk in there, I feel this inner sigh-glow!

Hannah's and Andrew's corners in the home office room Marc 2008

Hannah’s and Andrew’s corners in the home office room Marc 2008

[Our guests are 95% my in-laws who prefer to sleep on a blow up air mattress and occupy the living room downstairs rather than the futon bed.]

I wish we could attack the master bedroom, but with no space whatsoever, I’ll have to be patient.

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    4 March 2008

    Such a bright room! Loving the white bookcase, and I spot a Jo robot on your wall. :) I gotta say, your cane desk chair is screaming for a fun paint job.

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    4 March 2008

    Great to see you here Kim :) Thanks, I LOVE the room now. yes it’s a Jo piece… i wrote about it here:http://bijoukaleidoscope.blogspot.com/2008/02/quick-assemblage-artwork-for-my-office.html

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    5 March 2008

    It looks like you’ve done a great job, it’s always such a nice feeling to get a task like this out of the way, very satisfying:)

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    Aimee "Roo"

    5 March 2008

    It looks great! I am such a believer in making rooms work for what we really need them to be (instead of just what would look nice). Your office does a great job of that now.Love the Ikea bookshelf. :)

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    5 March 2008

    Nice job, Drey! A great space.

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    6 March 2008

    thanks aimee, my guests will just have to live with being in the living space :Panne: thanks, i LOVE it too :)bronwyn: yes! now i can go to work on the other rooms…

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    7 March 2008

    It looks great, Drey! Love the little space for Hannah and that bookcase is fab.

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    8 March 2008

    Hey there! :) It looks great. I love the yellow and white chair in your office. Gives you the YELLOW that you love so much!!!! Glad you got rid of the futon!! Good job.

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    15 March 2008

    thanks Pink :) yeah that space for Hannah is soooo important… but of course, she’d rather stand on her litttle chair next to me for hours :)jessie, i would LOVe to get a different yellow chair for that space. but until we’ve bought a house, seems pointless in getting something… how are you?! yes i’m sooo glad that useless futon is gone :)


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