He can’t wait to get home!

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Aug 5 2013

Our rental may be dated.
There may be toys on the floor.
Laundry mountain may need folding, stacking and stored in wardrobes.
Ceiling light shades may need changing.
Lightbulbs may be blown.
Dishes may need doing.
Paintwork may need a desperate re-do.
Doorknobs may need replacing.
Crumbs may need sweeping.
Lounges may be ugly (but super comfy!).

But when the husband on an interstate work trip says:

You have no idea how badly I want to
get back to my family and home.

(despite better restaurants with high quality Malaysian cuisine, great cafes, good friends and the solitude and space to breathe without children clamouring for attention…)

The long list of things that need to be sorted and fixed NOW which constantly clamour around in my head quietens down. I am blessed.

(For a day.)

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