Happy Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day 2008 from our home to yours

Hope you had a lovely end to what is normally just-another-day-with-daily-stresses-of-life.

Mine was actually really tiring and draining. Sick husband gets home from work surprisingly me with 10 red roses and then later, unexpectedly a simple but lovingly penned card left on my Powerbook.

Valentine's Day 2008 from our home to yours

Valentine’s Day 2008 from our home to yours

Happy Val’s Day!

19 February 2008



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    14 February 2008

    Oh.. so nice. And what did you get or give him? :o)-addeie

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    14 February 2008

    hehe addie i thought we weren’t doing anytrhing on account that he was sick!he is so sweet (but hopelessly UNromantic) :)

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    15 February 2008

    What? You didn’t get/ do anything – I thought valentine was 2-way? The fact that he was sick and thought of getting you something, sounds romantic to me! :o)My valentine was spent with a family having dinner and playing dominoes. -addie

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    15 February 2008

    awwwwwwwwwwwwww how lovely….my hubby does do the Valentines day thing…he says it’s for single people and anniversary’s are for married people…..so unromantic….sigh…I’ll have to go and buy my self something:)


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