Happiness in a side table

You know the feeling of satisfaction, the smile of pure pleasure and the at-waist-both-fists-clench of joy when something finally works? It finally fits?

It happened today: 13 November 2013.

I’ve been rather vocal to my family, friends and blog how much I hate my larger-than-life lounges. Super comfortable, but ugly on the colour, shape and size. (We bought them 7 years ago, in a run-in-run-out stint due to my vomiting bout of hyperemesis with my first pregnancy. I was too focused on not throwing up on the display lounges and rushing back to the car not to notice those things.)

I’ve never been happy with a side table for my lounges. Reason: the armrest height is 70cm. Most side tables don’t work.

This was my first side table:

I can’t believe I complained about the same things back in 2007!

See how the side table disappears down the side of the lounges? I didn’t like.

Next side table incarnation:

The slim, wooden side table worked really well in that spot, next to ONE lounge. The scale of the surface of the side table worked well as a side table for ONE lounge. It would have been very very small placed between two lounges. (See below)

The Third Time

When we moved next, we could only fit one of these mahoosive lounges in the living room (twas a very small rental):

Spot the little round side table? It always looked lost next to the lounge. The width of one of the armrests is almost the same as the table!

Until recently in our current rental

Now that we’re here and the living room is quite large, the lounges are arranged like an L shape again. I’ve only had my slim wooden table to use and it has looked crowded, undersized, dismal and plain painful to me:

Sorry about the camera shot. I suck at indoor photography. My super slim side table dwarfed by two ugly large lounges.

Sorry about the camera shot. I suck at indoor photography.

This side table solution needed to hold:

1. My calla lily plant
2. The TV remote
3. Hand cream
4. Box of UNO cards, which is played daily with the daughter
5. Lamp
6. Glasses and/or mugs

I played with a few options… maybe a traditional side table with drawers. Just not use the drawers. Maybe a solid block of wood.


It occurred to me a few weeks ago that perhaps I’ve been thinking inside the box for a side table. I need to be thinking outside the box.

I then started to look for much larger tables. Round dining tables, on a small scale. This table needed to be 70cm in height and be large enough not to be eaten up by those mahoosive armrests. After a few weeks of eBay stalking, I finally brought home:

The round hall table I scored on eBay.

The round hall table I scored on eBay.

70 cm height and 76cm diameter! Perfect! I got it for only $70. It has a maker’s mark underneath, an individual carpenter, in 1932. I love the elegant, tapered legs. I gave the top a light sand, oiled it and it looks loved once again.

My new hall table in situ as side table.

My new hall table in situ as side table.

I’m so happy I stuck with my gut.

The scale is perfect. It’s tall and large enough to say to the giant armrests, “I’m not intimidated.”

I’m learning to “wait” for the right item. And not budge on what you want. I bided my time and waited patiently for the right rug (size/price) to come and it did. I waited and bided my time for the right dining suite and it came… I waited and bided my time patiently for the right dining table for our little studio a while back and it came.

I’m so glad I waited and didn’t just get a normal side table, or a block of wood.

But how about my slim table?

I love that slim wooden table. It’s old. And has a Shaker feel about the make. The screws are wooden.

I think there are two things I’d love to put on that side table:

Or a modern dollhouse. The Bozart Kaleidoscope House springs instantly to mind.

Bozart Kaleidoscope House via Bozart

Bozart Kaleidoscope House via Bozart

Or even Brinca Dada’s Emerson:

The Emerson dollhouse by Brinca Dada

The Emerson dollhouse by Brinca Dada



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