Gwyneth Paltrow

Gywneth Paltrow's dining table with Swarosvki chandelier and honey leather dining chairs

After browsing the Real Estalker blog a while ago, I was convinced simple and stunningly chic homes by the rich and famous (as opposed to overly gilt and overdone) were a rare thing.

I found one exception: I wrote about Ellen Degeneres‘ interior decoration style to her homes and how simple and chic the spaces were. Now I’ve found someone else: Gwyneth Paltrow (via House and Garden, US).

Her home is simple, chic and utterly desirable. Her pallette is pale but strong punches of colour. I LOVE that dining room! The Tord Boontje blossom chandelier with those light pink accents is picked up by that light pink lacquer sideboard to the right of the photo, it just peeks out. What a space! *head spins with ideas now*

Gywneth Paltrow's dining table with Swarosvki chandelier and honey leather dining chairs

Her master bedroom is simple but very luxuriously detailed. The bedhead is covered in Edelman’s Cashmere Calf in Super White, paired with Wendell Castle’s Muse side tables in white. Everything white is super-white against that blue-grey wallpaper by Wook Kim’s Feu.

Gywneth Paltrow's purple and white bedroom

I love Apple’s bedroom too. It’s not a “pink bedroom”. It’s a white bedroom with a raspberry-pink bed! What a great pop for the custom canopy bed! The walls, the carpet… all white. The silver side table breaks up the white and pink gorgeously, as well as being a light reflector. The cute pink step ladder is a youthful detail to a surprisingly adult room for a young’un.

Gywneth Paltrow's daughter's deep pink and white bedroom

Can a kitchen be too big? Paltrow’s kitchen is certainly large… and superbly decorated. Although the cabinets are dark-coloured, the room does not feel small. The use of white marble, white large chandelier, light concrete countertops, off-white backsplash and the high vaulted white ceiling really open up the space!

Gywneth Paltrow's charcoal grey and white bedroom

All in all, this is one very comfortable, relaxing space. Well done, Gwyneth!

8 October 2007



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    9 October 2007

    Hi drey!Sorry its been so long since I left any comments. I haven’t had the internet, so its been hard to leave comments. lol :) I love Gwen’s house. Stunning!!! I do think that is one of the biggest kitchens I have ever seen also. jess

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    9 October 2007

    yay welcome back jessie :) always glad to have you here :)

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    9 October 2007

    OMG i love the Wendell Castle white lacqer muse. I have used the Wendell Castle Collection before and they offer great product and amazing lead times. I love the way it was used in the room

  4. Reply


    9 October 2007

    nice huh? i love lacquer :)

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    10 October 2007

    I really like the dining room photo you have showcased…the colors are so soothing, and the light fixture is a dream!

  6. Reply


    11 October 2007

    i know. that light fixture is so special it’s quite clearly BEYOND our means


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