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A short wall dividing spaces

Not many of us have the luxury of buying our own home having a dedicated home office/study AND a guest bedroom. In our three bedder townhouse, we have to share those spaces in a small room. In our next place (or own home), I’d be considering this:

A short wall dividing spaces

A short ‘wall’ or ‘divider’ made out of two bookcases joined together. On one side, they feature shelving for books and things. On the other side, they become the backing or the short wall against which your desk can butt up. If you make the bookcase a little taller, you can use the backing as a pinboard. Even hang a few hooks…

That way, none of the room loses its natural light (if positioned so) and you don’t end up with two cramped spaces.

23 July 2007
24 July 2007



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    24 July 2007

    Oh, that bedroom is wonderful. Tranquil, classy and with a bookshelf within reach of the bed. What a fantastic idea! I can imagine long lazy Saturday mornings (and afternoons) under the covers reading whilst sneaking glances through the open french windows at the waves crashing in on the bay below. All in the magical Fantasyland of course!

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    Julie at BV

    24 July 2007

    That happens all the time. It’s happened to me a few times.

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    25 July 2007

    julie: not to lil’ ol’ me!suelyn: that’s a GREAT idea for a bedroom! well depending on where you end up moving to, we might be able to build that room in some semblance! :)


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