Fushcia Hot Home by Marjorie Skouras

A Meditereanean palazzo by Majorie Skouras

This staid Mediterranean palazzo, located in Los Angeles, has a real surprise past its doors.

A Mediterranean palazzo designed by Marjorie Skouras

The sculpted garden and conifer trees and formally tiled area belies a really startling home filled with colour, textures, art and forms. I think this is the best kind of surprise. An unassuming frontage leading to a home filled with colour and colour and colour!

The hip and young owners painted every wall in the living room a bright hot fuschia and pale, cool lime green upholstery with strong dark lines for its furniture. The dark floor keeps the entire living room from being too much of a eyesore. It grounds the entire place. I wonder how the Skouras convinced the owners to go with the vivid pink!

I think they may have chosen the pink walls from the pink of the artwork to the left and chosen highlights of the blue from the same picture on other walls.

A Mediterranean palazzo by Majorie Skouras

And that print is one of a pair. While it’s not something I’d choose to purchase and display myself, it works in the space with the high ceilings and large expanse of walls.

A Mediterranean palazzo by Majorie Skouras

The artwork is very selected and large scale. The high ceilings don’t feel so high because of the art pieces. Looking at the height of the seating and the fact that the mantelpiece is much higher than the tops. The seating height is kept at the same level and I think is a deliberate act.

Then the dining room is such a strong contrast to the living room with its pale blue and dark furniture. Again there are dark furniture but in such a bright space and would be a fresh welcome from the singular colour explosion in the living room.

A Mediterranean palazzo by Majorie Skouras

I also like that the entire dining room has these dark black lines through the space. On the wall, lighting, furniture and door hardware. It’s such a muted colour palette compared to the other space that the lack of colour is as strong as the overbundance of the one colour!

A Mediterranean palazzo by Majorie Skouras

Outside the palette is equally restrained with plenty of blues and greens. I think how the blue lining of the entranceway matches the blue seating in the courtyard space is brilliant. It echoes the sky blue and highlights the blue in the grey concrete flooring.

I love that the grass is sooo green! Looks like someone’s taken some green spray and coloured the grass. The ivy on the wall is a brilliant heat trapping device and is one of my favourite walls to add interest and texture to a boring expanse of wall.

Look at the master bedroom!

A Mediterranean palazzo by Majorie Skouras

Master bedroom is a real… surreal shock to the system! Giant topiaries replace the pillars of the 4-poster bed style. You feel like you’re in a French garden!

I wonder if it is real! If not, what are they? Styrofoam? Chipboard, fake grass and paint??

Such a fun place. While I wouldn’t call this home, spending a two week holiday in this very deliberately selected home would be such a trip and adventure. What a fantastic place to get a family portrait done!

16 May 2007



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    15 May 2007

    whoa… so bold!

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    16 May 2007

    I am absolutely drooling at that living room. I am an avowed pinkaholic. The walls, art, blinds and lantern are fab! If I sat on those sofas I’d never leave.


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