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Sep 28 2007
Foyer in a purple space with sideboard

Foyer in a purple space with sideboard

When we get home, it’s great to be able to put things where they belong: shoes (we don’t wear shoes in the house), keys, schrapnel, wallets, bags, more bags, shoes, letters, bills, scarves, coats, hats, shopping lists, coupons and newspapers.

At the moment, an antique tea-trolley serves that purpose.

So I’ve been looking for weeks now, for a better solution. We are the kind of people that walk through the door, unload gear AND THEN walk right in.

Here are some ideas:


White bureau as storage for foyer

This one I’ve been seriously considering because husband needs a place to get bills paid etc. Using a well-designed and compact secretaire/bureau as entry point. I think I need the base cabinet a mix of shelves and open space for filing and other things. Drawers are great too, they make handy scarves, umbrellas and hats storage.

With a flip of the top, all the mess is hidden. The one drawback is that it has the potential to overflow. Best for superneat people.

Place to hang coats, umbrellas and handbags

Would also like a place to hang coats etc. Something like this Pottery Barn offering:

Identical cabinets to create one long sideboard with basket drawers

This entryway centre is fantastic, offering a stylish solution to my evergrowing pile of junk that I de-junk only once a week when I can’t find my lippy.

Two identical bookcases and mirrors as foyer furniture

Side table with pigeonholes for belts, keys, letters, pens

This is a simple yet pretty effective and chic DIY entryway that could work.. get odd table, get odd pigeonhole, add slim closet, paint it all white and walla, a GREAT functional foyer storage!

Small table with pigeonholes to create small foyer storage

Storage ottomans and large mirror

Mirror and storage ottoman and stools for foyer

A bunch of identical storage ottomans offering storage needs and seating to put on shoes. Along with a large mirror for last minute makeup and tie checks.

What do you have in your foyer as storage? Do share.

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