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Our one goldfish in a large, tall bowl/vase back in 2001

I love the ideas of aquariums in the home. The only fish I ever had, though, I basically ignorantly overfed and LEFT food in the bowl (which is a HUGE no-no)… and so the fish start growing mold (despite treatment) and then started swimming backwards… and then upside down BACKWARDS. The poor thing hung on for ages and ages like that… despite my then-boyfriend husband cleaning it out religiously and treating the water (and not allowing me to feed it ever).

(We won’t talk about how we dealt with that poor fish.)
Our one goldfish in a large, tall bowl/vase back in 2001

Our one goldfish in a large, tall bowl/vase back in 2001

My sister loves fish and has recently become a fish-guru. So we can’t get another fishbowl or something small for fish. They need acres of space and water to swim in. So gotta think nice and big about having ONE fish. Otherwise, apparently she’ll report me to the board of FishRUs or something :P This below is her one Betta …. swimming in LOADS of water.

Blue Betta fighting fish

Blue Betta fighting fish

I’ve wanted to get back into fish and aquariums… not the fish vase/bowl I had before, but an aquarium, with plants, lights and fancy decor. But I HATE the current offerings for decoration! No I don’t want some buried treasure chest or pirate ship or skulls… I want some MCM chairs. And MCM lamps. (But apparently the paint on these things will kill fish and my sister ain’t having that.)

But I may have found my answer: House within a House, by Canadian like-minded aquarium seeker, Teddy Luong.

Fish house concept by Teddy Luong

Fish house concept by Teddy Luong

Perfect for my needs… specifically just for Betta Fish (fighting fish) too! I want a pretty red one..

via Design Spotter.

12 August 2008
16 August 2008


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    15 August 2008

    oh, i want an aquarium.ofifteen’designing your life’


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