First weekend: Relaxing a.k.a. garage sales!

Little red shoe earring

Like the little dance shoe single earring I thrifted? Might turn it into a brooch. Or pendant. We’ll see.

It’s my first weekend here. I have been so blessed by my in laws (hence referred to as “family”) and so many of you readers. So surprised by the support emails, the understanding and encouragement! Thank you. From the bottom of my heart.

I lived in this area some years ago for 3 years and used to really get into one of my favourite activities:

garage sale and thrifting


This week gone by has been hard on my nerves, with unpacking, finding space, making do etc etc. So today, my MIL (mother in law) took me garage sale-ing with her (she loves it, and now is so glad to have someone else go with her that she doesn’t have to drag around, i.e. her husband!!).

I scored my first Chris Chun piece at $2!! It’s only a cheapie teapot stand from Ashdene, but it’s so pretty!

My pink Kitchenaid mixer

My pink Kitchenaid mixer

(I’ve adored Chris Chun’s works for so long. My favourites would have to be Kyoto Blossom and The Celebration, but at those prices, I’ll have to content myself with them as my screensaver!)

I also scored a surprise gift from my MIL. I said “I love that, mum” but since there was no price on it (there were prices on the other pieces surrounding it) I thought it wasn’t for sale. I walked out, mum stayed inside. Mum walked out with it, big grin on her face. Presenting it to me with a kiss, “It was only $3, darling!” MILs are great.

My pretty pink woman on the beach crossstitch

My pretty pink woman on the beach crossstitch

(If we stay longer than 8 months, we’re painting the entire place white. Walls, doors, trim… everything. The raw plywood walls is driving me mad because it looks so unfinished.)

Isn’t she gorgeous?

Got the cutest monkey skipping rope for Hannah for $5, brand new still in packaging… I was happy.

Silly pink and green skipping rope

Silly pink and green skipping rope

Also scored a cute stout yellow art glass vase to add to my collection :)

[Of course, said collection is packed away beneath oodles of newspaper and bubble wrap in box #67.)

Only 50¢ :)

My secretaire on with yellow boxes and bits

My secretaire on with yellow boxes and bits

27 January 2010
2 February 2010



  1. Reply

    Heidi Jo

    1 February 2010

    How fun! I love that jump rope! And I have the light pink KitchenAid too- it's my most prized kitchen possession. : )

  2. Reply


    1 February 2010

    yes garage sales is loads of fun :) yes i LOVE my kitchenaid. the whole house can be in a total chaos but my kitchenaid mixer needs to be right there.


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