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Feb 21 2007
Black Apple's Anais print

I don’t know if I’ve written about a recent favourite discovery and addiction Etsy here before… I LOVE this site for their handmade and craft stuff. It’s great how everyone’s encouraged to make and sell their crafts. In a way, it allows their skills a voice, a platform to perform and be recognised.

I am now in love with Black Apple’s prints!

This one is so cute! Little girl standing in the corner.

Black Apple's Corner print

So reminiscent of the “naughty corner” or the “shy wallflower corner”. I love it. While I’m not sure it’s such a good idea to have a print up at the designated naughty corner in one’s house, it’s a cute print nonetheless.

What about the wallpaper pattern on the back of this Anais print?

Black Apple's Anais print

How detailed, and evocative? So old-worldly and yet so today!

Both these prints and all her other work can be hung in a girl’s bedroom, children’s playroom… and even in one’s home office. Make sure you browse through her work. And then check out all the other great artists in Etsy today.

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