Down with Love set

Down with Love starring Ewan Macgregor and Renée Zellweger

Great blog Surroundings is authored by Linda Merrill, owner and principal designer of Chameleon Interiors, MA. To my delight there was a blogpost about the set of one of my favourite shows, Down with Love.

Down with Love starring Ewan Macgregor and Renée Zellweger

Down with Love starring Ewan Macgregor and Renée Zellweger

Ms Merrill covered the Bachelor Pad and the Bachelorette Pad with a get-the-look feature too. Nice work, Ms Merrill!

A fansite of Ewan McGregor, The Mini Faces of Ewan [McGregor], has some funky mini sets of Down with Love. I’d love one of the bacherlorette pads!

The Bachelor's pad in Down with Love

These sets even got a thumbs up by Peyton Reed, the producer.

7 August 2007



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    Linda Merrill

    6 August 2007

    I just found your blog post – thanks so much for including me in your blog! And, the mini-room is amazing! I’m definitely going to add that to my post and will link back to you.

  2. Reply


    6 August 2007

    Oh, I love this movie. Thanks for the great links and pics!

  3. Reply


    6 August 2007

    yes yes yes. eye candy of the first order. the sets are the grooviest. costumes are sublime. and the movie itself…very very silly – but most entertaining. i have it on my list of “must watch at least once per year”.

  4. Reply


    6 August 2007

    designtalk and soph: yes i watch it … well. three times in the last 6 months :Pi quite liked the language wit (sometimes a bit corny) of the show… as well as the costumes, actors and SETS. with an active child, one can only dream of the WHITE bachelorette pad!

  5. Reply


    6 August 2007

    welcome to my blog, ladies!!

  6. Reply


    7 August 2007

    I haven’t seen that movie… I do love Ewan!!! I love this little mini room/set!!

  7. Reply

    4 December 2007

    I discovered your webblog searching some “down with love” pics. This is my favourite show too and I’am always happy when I find someone who knows it.I did a Down with love party last march. It was very great!Thank you for the links…


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