DIY moodboard for my home office

I have been wanting a custom, ‘pretty’ moodboard/pinboard for years now, for my home office space. An area to pin up sources of inspiration, colour swatches, photos, loved postcards, inspiration for art and invites and now, calligraphy.

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It’s never really happened due to a lack of wall space and renting restrictions. I had a small one in the rental we lived in. A corner of the guest bedroom housed my home office, circa 2008:

March 2008 version of my home office

Moodboard in my home office, March 2008

Now in our own-home-Ver-2, it’s time to get a proper, pretty one. I occupy a corner of our master bedroom for my home office. To me, it’s the prettiest spot in the home. In this corner, there’s really only one space for a pinboard/moodboard.

I went through a few ideas for the board. I needed a solution that was budget conscious but still oomphs of style. A plain corkboard or a plain magnetic whiteboard was not even a consideration.

My first idea –reuse, recycle, right?– was to drag up the heavy, melamine board I bought to make Hannah’s desktop back in 2012 from the garage, languishing away. It’s still covered with the same polkadot oilcloth.

Melamine board as desktop

from this post

I stood it up in the allotted spot. Bigger and bulkier than I liked, but it was a solution that so far cost me nothing. I planned on using inexpensive, but pretty washi tape to hold up the bits of papers, photos and cards.

However, plain isn’t me. I knew I’d be looking for a better covering for it; wallpaper or fabric with beautiful, richly patterned wallpaper with greens and blues, to go with my very rich emerald wall opposite the board. One of the below, I’d like!

Green wallpapers that I originally wanted for my room @bijoukaleidoscope

Green wallpapers that I originally wanted for my room @bijoukaleidoscope

First row: Malachite, Robert Crowder; Grove Garden, unknown; de Gournay
Second row: unknown; Raphaël wallpaper, Sandberg; Martinique Wallpaper.
Third row: unknown; de Gournay
Fourth row: de Gournay; Zoffany Verdure, Melissa White; Martinique Wallpaper.

After a week of making-do with that oilcloth, I found that washi tape wasn’t doing a good job of holding up the bits of paper and card I put up. The washi tape didn’t allow for clean removal of the papers and cards either.

I needed to go magnetic.

It was clear that I needed to go with a magnetic solution.

I was excited because I thought all I needed was a small can of magnetic primer. I was excited to be able to try out this magnetic primer. (Magnetic primer is designed not to be the top coat. It has metal shavings in it that works as an undercoat. It’s meant to be covered with a topcoat. The more coats, the higher the magnetic strength.) I was going to paint the uncovered melamine board with a few coats of magnetic paint. Then the bits of paper and wallpaper would be kept in pristine condition using magnets.

However, I quickly found out that this plan was NOT a cheap option. Magnetic primer is still a rather new product here in Australia, so not many brands are stocked at our local hardware stores. Masters Hardware carried only one brand of magnetic paint, the Resene Magnetic Primer. But it was $60/ltr (a litre was the only size the magnetic primer came in).

Add that with designer wallpaper… this was turning out to be more than I wanted to spend on a make-do pin moodboard.

So I brought the melamine board back down to the garage.

My pinboard revealed

After looking at some other options, I went with this:

90x60cm whiteboard,  Officeworks

90x60cm whiteboard,

I only spent $15 on a cheap, magnetic whiteboard from Officeworks. Size wise, the 90x60cm was perfect for the space (if a little short). I was going to cover it with some beautiful wallpaper and use some strong magnets.

Then it struck me, so many projects are being done with washi tape in the blogosphere and DIYers, maybe I had a chance to get in on the washi tape action:

I found some beautiful washi tape from Etsy store CollectingLife.

The simple whiteboard bought from Officeworks

The simple whiteboard bought from Officeworks

The washi tape I purchased being carefully placed on the whiteboard @bijoukaleidoscope

The washi tape I purchased being carefully placed on the whiteboard @bijoukaleidoscope

I only bought two 10-metre rolls of this beautiful pond-scape tape. Only 1.5cm in width. I wish it was wider, but we work with what we got, eh?

The washi-covered whiteboard in situ @bijoukaleidoscope

The washi-covered whiteboard in situ @bijoukaleidoscope

The washi-covered whiteboard with my bits of inspiration placed with super strong magnets:

The washi-covered whiteboard in situ covered with my inspirations @bijoukaleidoscope

The washi-covered whiteboard in situ covered with my inspirations @bijoukaleidoscope

For magnets, I purposely wanted some minimalist, almost-not-there magnets, that were extra strong. I liked these from Officeworks:

Three by Three Square Pegs Mighty Magnets, from Officeworks

Three by Three Square Pegs Mighty Magnets, from Officeworks

I love my magnetic moodboard. It’s a little on the small side, but I’m happy with that for the moment.

My washi-covered pinboard moodboard up close @bijoukaleidoscope

My washi-covered pinboard moodboard up close @bijoukaleidoscope

I really like the pattern and the dark background. I wish the pattern was seamless though!

Happy DIY-ing!



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