DIY Lamp ala Cristina Re Part II

My red butterfly lamp

Imagine my surprise and delight when I made my almost-daily-blogland-trek to modern self and found myself staring at my lamp! What an honour and pleasure!

My red butterfly lamp

Thanks guys, for featuring my work and my lack of documentation! As I mentioned on modern self, I went all frenzied-like and one afternoon ripped the old covers off and disposed of the rice paper and polypropelene sheets bar one. So I’m going to revisit this post in an attempt to appear not as duh as I am.

Ok, so I went through the 1500 photos I have on iPhoto and found only ONE photo with the lamp.

The lamp before the change NOTE: this lamp taken at this photo was not yet as moldy or burnt through. This photo was taken about 5 years ago when I was going through a design-crisis.

How I changed over the lamp

1. Ripped off old rice paper and the two polypropelene sheets sandwiching it. Requires a small plier set as it was held together by some small nuts and bolts.

2. Carefully threw out the rice paper with the green mold. Make sure you wipe down your wire frame so as not to leave any mold residue, which is dangerous.

3. Kept one of the original polyprolene sheets so I could get use it as template for new sheets.

4. Got out my papers (I have plenty!) and held them all one by one against the light of the lamp along with the old propylene sheet to see how they would look turned on.

VERY IMPORTANT STEP: Most papers will look drastically different with light.

I chose Papillon Rouge because the flocked bits stood out very darkly against the non-flocked bits and I wanted something red and something suitable for my little girl’s room.

Cristina Re's flocked paper range papillon rouge

5. Got some polyprolene sheets at my art supplies store for $20.

6. I got more Cristina Re red flocked butterfly paper called Papillon Rouge. This costs $2.75 per sheet. I got three sheets. The paper you choose does not have to be translucent – this wasn’t.

7. Cut the new sheets to template.

8. Wrap the first polypropelene sheet around the frame of the lamp. Secure with double sided tape. These things aren’t easy to work with so I used my bone folder to mark the edges of the frame on the sheet itself and then folded the sheet down using the bone folder to create the crease.

9. Wrap the chosen paper around the polypropelene sheet and secure with double sided tape. I taped 3 sheets together lengthwise to make one long continuous sheet.

10. Wrap the outer polypropelene sheet around the whole thing and this time, after folding it down on each side with the bone folder, secure the assistance of someone else and hole punch in three spots on the OUTER layer of polypropelene where you will screw in the three tiny nut and bolts.

11. Use sharp implement (having none, we pried holes with chopsticks) to puncture holes through the paper and the first polypropelene sheet for the nut and bolts. CAUTION: muscles required.

12. Screw together the nuts and bolts.

13. Turn light on and admire!

N.B. Cristina Re is an Australian designer of specialty papers. Her new line of flocked papers is comparatively expensive from the other non-flocked papers around but they are so yummy. I’m not sure if her papers are sold overseas, but in Australia you get them from Borders, Eckersleys and any paper speciality stores.

modern self: there are masculine papers out there. Cristina Re has a really cool black and white wrought iron flocked paper, Tiffany Noir.

Cristina Re's black and white flocked paper, the tiffany noir



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