Christmas at my place

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Dec 5 2009
My version of Glow-and-Behold

Last year I had a my first real (and artificial) Christmas tree. I was thrilled.

I’d still like to get one every year… nothing beats a REAL green Christmas tree! I think if you gonna have green, get a real tree – after all, it only costs $60 here from Oxfam! Artificial trees should LOOK artificial…

I have spent nights looking for what I really want: a pink Christmas tree. Inspired by this candy-pink one I saw on Martha Stewart last year.

But of course, it’s like Australia went on pink-tree-strike! BigW did come out with a dark purple one… and a black one… and as designer-y as that sounds… I really don’t want a black tree.

I could have gotten a white Christmas tree, but all my ornaments are WHITE!

Plus we’re moving interstate 3 weeks after Christmas so I didn’t want to have to buy one and dispose of a real Christmas tree… so I looked to Flickr, Martha Stewart, blogs and of course, my inspiration files for ideas.

I did find the oh-so-gorgeous tree of Flickr user, two_little_pumpkins:

two_little_pumpkins informed me that this tree was from Target last year, and intended to be an outdoor Christmas tree. I’m going to have to check out Target Australia to see if they have anything similar, though I HIGHLY doubt it.


I did stumble across a Christmas-y project that I could see myself DIYing:

LED lights behind a canvas, via Martha Stewart

LED lights behind a canvas, via Martha Stewart

So I did my own version of Glow-and-Behold

And I didn’t want to buy more fairy lights, opting instead to use the cool-white *yuck* LED lights (they were only $19) we already had.

My version of Glow-and-Behold

My version of Glow-and-Behold

(Side note: now I know what an awl is… and have my own!)

And from the foyer/entryway…

My Glow-and-behold seen from the entryway

My Glow-and-behold seen from the entryway

It’s not perfect… I had to almost hand draw this whimsical Christmas spiral tree and then using an awl, punch out holes slightly smaller than my LED lightbulbs.

Merry Christmas tree :)


I like making gift tags myself. This year, the gifts are boasting my custom-made Christmas tags; quite different from my custom-tags last year!

Paint chips with rounded corners and a small hole punched for a ribbon.

Paint chips with rounded corners and a small hole punched for a ribbon.

By the way, did you see the perfect PINK TREE that Nicole from making it lovely got from Treetopia???

Pink Treetopia Christmas tree at Nicole's from Making It Lovely

Pink Treetopia Christmas tree at Nicole‘s from Making It Lovely

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