A bathroom with Every wall a different shade of pink

Another few gems from my inspiration files:

A pink bathroom

A bathroom with Every wall a different shade of pink

Sharp (and determined) Angelique Bernatschke living in Bristol, UK, wanted a pink bathroom but with the amount of light into her London terrace, she knew she needed to plan her pink right. So every wall is painted a diff shade of pink!

A blue bathroom

This bathroom is all turquoise and lustre greys. A beautiful mix for relaxation… a place to veg out from screaming babies!

Cream and turquoise bathroom

Pics from Home & Antiques, Sept 2004

Me, I need WAY more storage in a bathroom that allows my things to be hidden. It’s nice to have some things on display… like different shades of nail polish. But there is so much that needs to be hidden.

Cream and mirrored bathroom

Bathroom with dozens of mirrors

Now this is bathroom style done Martha-Stewart. It has her stamp on it alright. Not many have the large bathroom spaces with no personal effects or modern toothbrushes (who uses antique toothbrushes!!!!??) in sight! But the collection of antique frameless mirrors lined on inexpensive moldings-turned-into-shelves is a really good idea! The light bouncing off them will create such an airy and other-worldy-feel!

13 July 2007



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    15 July 2007

    And I find those vintagey mirrors quite difficult to find. Ones in decent condition, at least. Thans for posting.

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    20 July 2007

    yeah those mirrors are rare! i’d love to start a small collection of them :)


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