Audrey Art

Red and cream Audrey Hepburn

Yes it’s another Audrey Hepburn post.

Audrey Hepburn print on a shelf

Audrey Hepburn has always been the eternal style icon for me. Always wanted an Audrey Hepburn art collection but thought it was far too tacky since that’s my name too!

But maybe I shouldn’t care and go with collecting what I love nonetheless! I was reinspired by Desire to Inspire‘s recent blog entry about Venetian mirrors… caught sight of an Audrey Hepburn print hanging on one of the bedroom walls and I was again reminded of this art collection dream.

Audrey Hepburn featured above bedheads

Audrey Hepburn above the bed

Audrey Hepburn art prints noir bedroom bedhead

Audrey Hepburn in a foyer

Giant black and white Audrey Hepburn print

Audrey Hepburn in the dining room area

Black and white Audrey Hepburn in dining room

Audrey Hepburn resplendent in reds

Red and cream Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn next to bright red glossy wall

Pink and red Audrey Hepburn canvas print

Audrey Hepburn as a rug!

Audrey Hepburn pink, black and white rug

Not sure if I could ever walk on her!

16 May 2007



  1. Reply


    18 May 2007

    unforch, I only see red x and no Audrey. However, your post yesterday inspired me to take up encaustic painting.

  2. Reply


    19 May 2007

    thanks for the heads up! i thought i’d fixed it but clearly not! fixed now :)encaustic??

  3. Reply


    22 May 2007

    Why is it tacky? Collect what you love!!!

  4. Reply


    24 May 2007

    tacky no? ok… i’ll soon post some audrey pop art i created :)

  5. Reply


    28 May 2007

    i love andy warhol and pop art!vera

  6. Reply


    28 May 2007

    hey vera how are you!?!?yes i love it too :)

  7. Reply


    30 May 2007

    nevermind the “Audrey-Audrey” bit la…it’s just too nice!i’m good! unemployed though :<v

  8. Reply


    30 May 2007

    you and tim free one night to come over for din dins? yeah planning on where and how to best collect Audrey Hepburn art :)

  9. Reply


    13 June 2007

    Hey drey look what I just found at Fabulon.

  10. Reply


    13 June 2007

    jo! that’s a GREAT find! i’d love to have that in my black, white and yellow study! (but of course it’s not black, white and yellow since all my stuff is multicoloured!)


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