Anna Wintour

The September Issue, staring Anna Wintour, Vogue.

The September Issue, staring Anna Wintour, Vogue.

I am looking forward to ordering The September Issue, featuring Anna Wintour of Vogue royalty, to be released in April 2010 on DVD.

Anna Wintour by the catwalk, The September Issue

Anna Wintour by the catwalk, The September Issue

It’s a documentary, sort of answering the Devil Wears Prada, showing the other side to the sleek image of the top lady at a top fashion magazine. The September Issue is normally the fattest monthly edition of Vogue and it basically records the creative and financial organisation chaos to produce it. We apparently get to see a way more human side to what is thought to be Meryl Streep’s character in Devil Wears Prada (incidentally, the story is written by Ms Wintour’s former personal assistant). Of course, she still has to guard herself because her every word, action is seen through media’s often very criticising eyes.

Anna Wintour checking out outfits to be included in Vogue, The September Issue

Anyone seen it? What did you think?

The September Issue at
The September Issue official site
The September Issue at Amazon.

17 January 2010



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    17 February 2010

    yeah!?? i have yet to see it. will do one night :)

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    17 February 2010

    oh thanks for your lovely words re: my blog :)


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