Alphabet posters @ Etsy

Any alphabet/ABC poster discussion has to begin with a poster I have been dying to own: BlueAntStudio’s fantastic mod chairs poster which I blogged about back in October 2007. We never had an ABC poster growing up that I remember… I have to have it.

Blue Ant Studio's alphabet poster of mid century furniture

Blue Ant Studio’s alphabet poster of mid century furniture

Hannah’s just turned three… it’s time for her to start reading. So I’ve been looking at ABC posters on Etsy:

Animal alphabet, via StephanieFizer @ Etsy

Animal alphabet, via StephanieFizer @ Etsy

Limited edition posters, via monkeypowered @ Etsy

Limited edition posters, via monkeypowered @ Etsy

Problems with these Alphabet Posters

(Keeping in mind that Hannah is only three years and 2 weeks old:

1. Shipping to Australia from US/UK/Canada for me is so prohibitive!

2. Some of the pictures for the letters do not help. For instance, “G for Gift”… when she knows the picture as “Present”. Or “A for Armadillo” when she has never seen that animal (not in Australia). Or “V for violin” when she insists the picture is “Guitar”.

3. The lower case and upper case mix up of the letters is not consistent and really confuses the poor child’s brain. I studied education at uni and we were taught to teach lower case before upper case first.

4. Different fonts… simple and clearly recognised/read ones are best. Not that I don’t appreciate different fonts myself… I am a fontaholic with a collection of over 2000 fonts.

I think this is the best alphabet poster for Hannah:

I love this one: oliveryaphe @ Etsy

I love this one: oliveryaphe @ Etsy

I’ll just oversticker
“R for Rooster” with a picture of a “Ring” (Cos she sees it as “chicken”. She is only JUST turned three!)
“I for Iguana” with a picture of an “Ice cream”
and “Q for Quail” with a picture of a “Queen” or “Quiche”.

I think I’ll have to get her a yo-yo, to introduce this iconic growing up toy of the 80s to a baby of the 21st century!

Just thought I’d add a letterpress alphabet poster by Etsy seller sycamorestreetpress since I am madly in love with letterpress products. (Pity all the gorgeous letterpress stuff on Etsy are also in US/UK.) So I love this poster but I do think it’s an adult version one (not enough pictures!)

I am looking to design my own… or cave in and get that one from oliveryaphe



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