A Wedding invite I created.

Heart button on red wedding invites from Paperbean Design

I have had a good few very busy days with more and more interest in my invitations and design business. Been also reorganising the study so the room doesn’t look so mish-mash with odd bits of furniture. And my new old white lacquer desk arrived and I’m so pleased with it! (Will post with pics soon) So that’s the reason for the lack of posts in the last few days.

A lady contacted me via my ebay ad (not posting here as it gives out contact information) requesting for invitations within 5 days (2 being weekend!). So rushing around for materials and looking for replacements for discontinued items has been rather exciting after a lull for a few months. It’s good, though, to get back into the swing of making cards and invites.

Heart button on red wedding invites from Paperbean Design

I am now ready to send off what I’ve been burning the midnight oil for and I’m pleased with the result! Contact me for handmade unique wedding and event invitations, and the accompanying paraphernalia.

I’ll tag on photo of me feeding Hannah her night milkbottle and she is the epitome of the 21st century baby. Instead of a blankie or teddy for comforter, my girl loves her (an old) mobile phone!

Me feeding Hannah in the yellow armchair

7 June 2007



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    5 June 2007

    hehe.. so cute.she looks ‘busy’.

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    5 June 2007

    Heheheh.. hannah, hannah.. high powered executive in the making? So cute. Melts my heart, she does.Hey the cards look really, really great!!!


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