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Jun 7 2007
My new study 2007

I finally got in my gorgeous new old lacquer white desk and while I’d love love love an all yellow-white-and-black room, my things are too multi-coloured!

My new study 2007

Replacing my perfectly good files and boxes with yellow etc will cost more than my husband can understand so i have to be careful about what I’d like yellow. How do you keep everything the one themed colour??

My study shares its space with a sofabed that we keep for guests. The sofabed came with a brown suede top but I’m keen to ditch the brown for something happy yellow.

Yellow bedding

yellow bedding

Florence Broadhurst Circle and Squares, Marimekko Unikko Yellow Bedding, Estival Bedding Yellow, Florence Broadhurst Yellow Bamboo.


yellow lighting

Lights up! Pendant Lamp, what about changing this umbrella shade to become a lightshade!

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