Wrought iron spiral staircase

When I was 9, we moved 2.5 hours away. I continued piano lessons at my new classmate’s mother’s music school. The school was in a ‘shoplot’ (in Malaysia that means a one shop in a lot of shops. These shops were commonly two to three storeys high. They lived above the shop.)

Because we became good friends, after a while, I was allowed after my lessons to have a playdate with Adelene upstairs. That was the first time I’d ever been up one of these ornate wrought iron spiral staircases. My memories of it were that I had to be extra careful about going up and down the staircase because of the narrow and triangular stair threads. But even back then, I recognised the beauty of the wrought iron staircase.

I naturally don’t like living in homes with stairs (I don’t like cleaning them, and I get frustrated at the way stairs seem to collect dust balls.) but in my dream homes, beautiful spiral staircases are always a feature. Apparently, most of the way I’d like them installed are safety hazards… but one can dream and plan.

A spiral staircase at Casterly Rock

A spiral staircase at Casterly Rock, via here

I’ve always found the sinuos shape of the spiral staircase almost fluid, alive, sexy.

The shell shaped view from above is equally as beautiful and sexy.

via Pixels

They are great solutions for cramped areas…

And are great architectural elements.

I’m so going to install one of these in the garden. I’d use it to plant my herbs… grow tomatoes and beans up its main spiral column.

I’d also love to use one as a library in the living room.

Lastly, this is a beautiful wooden staircase. No shoes or pets allowed!

The beautiful wooden stair threads from above

via here

22 May 2014
2 June 2014



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