An Ottoman for me!

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Mar 30 2007
The fabrics for my ottoman

I spotted a closing down sale sign on a little interior furnishing place along Keilor Road, Essendon and decided to give the place a gander. Turns out, it’s two businesses operating under the one roof/name. Work The Room is a decorating service at the front and a furniture maker at the back. While the front section is closing down, Ben McMullin will still run the furniture making business at the back.

And so i may finally be getting my multi-functioning ottoman!

The fabrics for my ottoman

Ben will be designing my coffee table/toy storage/seating space for me! Such friendly, fantastic and speedy service! Guaranteed my product in less than 2 weeks, the quality and service looks to far outshine the Freedoms, Harvey Normans and Ikeas by a long shot.

I got to choose from 100s of fabrics instead of the few they offer at furniture stores… so at the moment, I am looking at Warwick Mayfair Sky for the sides and the coordinating Meribelle Rose or Sky for the top. Also getting the whole thing on castors for easy pushing around for different uses.

What do you think?

To get great, friendly and speedy service, support the local businessman!

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