Wisdom Of Hindsight: Part II

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Oct 31 2007
French style linen upholstered 2 seater

Because I am in Australia, I thought I’d scout out our local eBay and Trading Post in search of the perfect lounge room, budget style.

I’d love to get this tan velvet upholstered Baron 3-4 seater lounge. $1400

Sumptuous extra long 4-5 seater velvet lounge on eBay Australia

Maybe get it reupholstered in a crisp grey linen fabric with black piping.

Ebay offers this gorgeous French provincial-style 2-3 seater, upholstered in taupe linen and a white-washed frame. $1799. 7 days to go. I’ve always wanted one of these French beauties. One day.

French style linen upholstered 2 seater

I’m also attracted to this Parker lounge set eBay has to offer for $510 (2 more days). It looks in good nick and comfy. Maybe further down the track, I’d like to see this upholstered in the yellow and white Circle and Spots Florence Broadhurst.

Mid century style 3 seater lounge in Mustard wool on eBay Australia

Three very different styles, but each three are gorgeous in their own way…

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