Wardrobe organising

Organising scarves and hats and gloves is something we girls (and some boys) think about. Now that I have the space in my bedroom to even THINK about organising them instead of throwing the into a basket box and stuffing into the corner of the badly-planned built in…

Collection of scarves via Flickr: _molly_

Ikea is the current winner. At only $10, the Komplement is the easiest choice to organise scarves, gloves and hats. But it’s bulky in the small boxy walk-in robe. And when they are all in the organiser hanging next to my clothes, it looks… kinda unorganised!

I am thinking about getting a vintage ladder… since a organiser tray takes up valuable space for folded clothes.

Storing and displaying scarves on an old ladder, via Funky Junk Interiors.

Storing and displaying scarves on an old ladder, via Funky Junk Interiors.

Any ideas? What do you do?

29 July 2008



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    1 September 2008

    It really would be polite if you had ASKED to use my photo in your blog…

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    1 September 2008

    Hi Molly,I do apologise if you felt I have offended you. Lots of blog writers look to Flickr for inspiration and if we use a photo, we do mention where it is from… I’m sorry I didn’t go the one extra step in asking your permission to use the photo. If you’d like I’ll take that photo off. Please let me know.Thanksdrey


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