Vintage tea tins

So… in my last post, I wrote a little about my love for vintage tea tins.

My vintage tea tins

My vintage tea tins

I love my own tea tins. Only just 2. Recently they’ve been sitting in my kitchen… last week I put some winter roses in them and had them grace my desk.

But I thought I’d do some surfing for more inspiration on how to use these pretty tins…

I love this vintage set I stumbled upon on Reading Rosie

I love this vintage set I stumbled upon on Reading Rosie

I discovered Uniquely Tea, a great blog for some tea tin inspiration! These are some of my favourites:

Clock and lamp

With a drill and a kit from Bunnings.


Use them to display flowers. I find it best to gather up a bunch of flowers, put rubber band around the stems so they stay tight and cut them so that there’s only about 2 cm between top of tin and flowerheads.

I place the water and flowers into a plastic cup and place that into the tin. Prevents the tin from rusting.

a Twinings tea can used as a vase

No tea tin? Tomato cans work too!

No tea tin? Tomato cans work too!

Store Q-tips or cotton buds!

Twinings tea tin to store Q Tips cotton bud

Craft paraphernalia

I keep various craft & sewing paraphernalia in these pretty colourful tins too.

Small beading pliers sit in one of my tea tins.


Fill them with wax and use them as candleholders. I must say I really like this idea, although I can’t really be bothered with locating wax beads, wick, boil them etc etc.

vintage tea tins used as candles


Make them into pretty vintage pendant shades via Junk Market Style!

My beautiful blue Asian-inspired bird vintage tea tin is now a holder for my new African violet. I love looking at this while I wash the dishes :)

My African violet housed in one of my favourite tea tins

My African violet housed in one of my favourite tea tins

And other things

Holly from decor8 also posted about tea tins last year… with some great photography and tips.

pretty tea tins (not vintage), via Holly's decor8

via decor8

28 July 2009



  1. Reply

    The Little Big House

    5 August 2009

    ooh I love the tin and flowers idea! so cute!

  2. Reply


    7 August 2009

    thjanks :) pretty huh? i wish it were cheaper to get flowers in winter!

  3. Reply

    Reading Rosie

    25 February 2011

    Thanks for showing my tins! Love your tins as well {so many unique uses}. Beautiful :)

  4. Reply


    2 March 2011

    thanks Rosie :) great to see you dropping in :)


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