vintage one day, mod the next

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Mar 25 2007

“we know your type.

vintage one day, mod the next. you’ve decorated your living space as many times as you’ve pair of shoes. your style is hip yet classic, funky yet timeless… and that’s just on tuesday. you crave variety, you loathe monotony. you are a piece of work-in-progress.

yeah we know your type.”

that’s ME! I found this on Wooster and Prince‘s hip and mod website. they sell paper that i wish i could turn into upholstery fabric! i’m looking to make an ottoman with great storage enough fit Hannah’s growing toys. it has to be on casters that run on carpet and wood, lid strong enough to be extra seating and large enough to be a coffee table… and small enough that Hannah still has space to move! :)

but W&P just described me! choosing a fabric that can outlast my daily design sways is going to be tough!!!!!

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