Toy storage in the living areas Part 1

What a funky toy storage space!
What fun it would add to a child’s bedroom!

I’m not sure about you and yours, but my daughter and her little cousins do not play in their own bedrooms. (Where Hannah’s toy storage is.) Neither do we have large houses for playrooms here. Rather, they drag out toys to the living room, where we (parents) and the TV are. The living room is the most used space.

So I’m starting to think it’s time we set up a toy storage area in the living room for Hannah’s little cousins, who come often to play. I do think that good entertaining needs to include age-appropriate toys for families that often visit.

When Hannah was little I got a custom-made large storage-cum-ottoman for the house we were in then. It sat in the middle of our lounge area, was upholstered, pink and lovely. We used it as a footstool, coffee table, toy storage. Now, though, I prefer that area be left open. This way, we can sit on the floor and play, have babies roll around on it.

But I need something for the living room that does NOT say “This is Kinda The Living Room. More like The Toy Area for Children”… like this would:

Toy storage requirements:

1. Needs to live comfortably with adult living room furniture.
2. Needs to be something that toddlers and little ones can forage for toys and then thrown them back haphazardly.
3. Needs to allow for a messy packer as I am not about to spend hours reorganising them prettily on shelves and cubbyholes.

So, I scoured the Internet for ideas on funky toy storage:

Blanket boxes

I have never really found blanket boxes to be ideal. Two main reasons:

1. Unless they work on penumatic closures, they are unfriendly on little fingers; and the toys at the bottom are forgotten.
2. Plus these aren’t really my style anymore.


These are really cute.

Stack box bins for toy storage

The problem I foresee with these is that the toys would spill out of these and I’d have to spend time rearranging things!

Fabric bins

I really like these happy animal fabric bins:

However, they aren’t real big and large toys would fill these up quickly!

Metal round bins

These Pomdrums are so cute!


These are by far my favourite toy storage idea for a living room. It is funky and slightly off-centre. And hides toys from view. But therein lies the rub. It hides the toys from view from the little ones, who then go nuts looking for something to play!

Of course, the ubiquitous IKEA Trofast.

Trofast toy storage, via IKEA

via IKEA

These may be our answer. Simple, cheap and relatively versatile.

Open shelving

White wall unit to store toys and books

Of course, the problem with this is it’s open shelving! Therefore, things are on display and there’s nothing as depressing as a LARGE, MESSY jumble of toys on display!

Wooden stackable boxes

These ones are good… stackable, see-through and on castors:

The Toy/Chaise

I do like this one for the seating and the minimalist look, but I’m not sure it will fit our toddler toys.


This really is a no-brainer choice. You can find really inexpensive versions from the dollar stores or some better looking and quality ones like these:

I bought the below basketweave plastic basket from a Freedom furniture outlet store near us and have been really quite pleased with it. The pink isn’t “sweet pink” and the size is quite good. It apparently HAS to live in Hannah’s bedroom, according to her! (And no longer sold.)

My pink woven basket for storage the larger toys in Hannah's room.

My pink woven basket for storage the larger toys in Hannah’s room.

Stay tuned for what I did in the end!



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