To have a green sofa/lounge/couch

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Apr 8 2014
Green Murphy Bed from Room and Board, via Pinterest

I’ve wanted to replace my sofas now for years. Big, clumsy, unwieldy, wrong shaped … I could keep going on. We bought it when I was pregnant with Hannah nine years ago. So it’s coming up to its 10 year mark.

I had hyperemesis gravidarum when I was pregnant with Hannah and having endured a mere 15 minute car ride from an empty home to the furniture store, I had already thrown up in the every-present bucket four times. My husband and I timed our brief run into the store between bucket-time for me to sit down on as many sofas as I could. Too hard, too shallow, too low, too high, too cushiony. Then I ran out to have bucket-time after sitting on one that was comfortable and deep enough. My husband noted that the price was good and the sale was completed. But I actually hadn’t looked at the sofas until they were delivered! I’ll continue to blame it on pregnancy nausea until the day I die.

Up until a fortnight ago, I’d been wanting a pale-cream leather modular sofa/lounge, akin to King Furniture’s Jasper range.

King Furniture's Jasper in cream leather

King Furniture’s Jasper in cream leather

They are super comfy, large, versatile and modular, meaning you can organise them in different ways. The leather pieces are unbelievably cool to sit on. The leather is soooo lush.

But a fortnight ago, I switched my gears. It just made a whole lot of sense.

Modular sofas, while big, are not easy to work around different living rooms. They’re great if you have large rooms and not needing to relocate every so often. Until we have enough to buy our own place, renting is par for the course. And living rooms come in so very many sizes. Right now, we’re very fortunate to have a large living room so that’s why I wanted a Jasper.

But a vibrant green sofa has been my item of lust of late. I’ve not seen any to lust after nor been inspired by any one image. It’s je ne sais quoi. I know that I know that that’s what I want. (For now.)

I think Nicole from Making It Lovely first started me going back to supremely tailored sofas with her Chairish purchase of the black and white striped sofa for her Victorian house.

Nic's new black and white Chairish find, via Making it Lovely

Nic’s new black and white Chairish find, via Making it Lovely

The beauty of these tailored, vintage sofas is that the upholstery will not rumple easily. The downside is that they’re often not comfortable. We like lounging, feet up, cosied up. Nicole assures me that her piece is comfortable.

I also love this sofa that Nicole put up in her Making It Yours blog posts. The shape and colour is so beautiful. I’d love one. But not for the living room.

But I really really want a green sofa, not a modern shape, something very tailored looking and something very very green. Not limey green, not hunter green… a vibrant grass green.

Like one of these awesome green sofas:

What do you know? The green sofa in this first one is also the same as the watermelon one above!

Thick green cushion pads for seating bench

Thick green cushion pads for seating bench

I love the shade of green, but I’m not a real fan of IKEA seating.

Lime green couches in cream andw hite living room

Via here

Vibrant green leather lounges in wooden clad living room

Lime green sofa

The Stockholm green sofa, IKEA, via Pinterest

The Stockholm green sofa, IKEA, via Pinterest

Beautiful Murphy green sofa!, via Pinterest

Beautiful Murphy green sofa!, via Pinterest

There’s just something punchy about the green. I have gone on and on how my favourite colour of late is the Mimosa Yellow. (Of late, being close to six years.) But growing up, my favourite colour has been and stayed this verdant shade of green. I think Kelly Wearstler made this colour vogue again, that verdant, vibrant rich green being called “kelly green”. To me, it’s a colour of a beautiful lush green grass in a well kept park. That just-moist fresh green that soothes the eye.

I remember looking up from doing homework when in high school and my eye always drew to the verdant tropical green grass just outside my window. Even now, when I need a break from focusing on work or the computer, I feel myself drawn to greens from outside. Maybe that’s why I want a green lounge. Maybe to me, that signifies refocusing, retuning, refreshing… (While the off-white sumptuous leather from the Jasper above would oh-so-signify classy luxe.)

Green coffee tables

Now that’s a great punch too. Maybe huh?

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