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Sep 6 2009
Tim Neve's black, white and yellow office

I’ve just discovered Australian magazine stylist Tim Neve‘s blog… and pictures of some amazing makeovers. What I do like about it is how simple the touches are.

… a bit of elbow grease is all it takes. Patching walls and repainting (thanks to a nice landlord, and having a dad who’s a retired painter always helps). Gone is the shagpile carpet and wallpaper (not that I have a problem with shagpile or wallpaper – but these were beyond fashionably retro).
Tim Neve’s blog

Lounge makeover, via Tim Neve's

Lounge makeover, via Tim Neve’s

That’s the lounge I’ve been looking for! I bet it’s vintage… anyway… waiting for Mr Neve’s response… will update you.

I am going to enjoy reading Tim‘s blog! And check out his studio, black and white and yellow, just like I have been wanting for my study!

Tim Neve's black, white and yellow office

Tim Neve’s black, white and yellow office

Speaking of my office, I have to get all four (yes, yes) of the latest Australia Vogue Living 50th birthday covers!

Vogue Australia 50th Anniversary

Vogue Australia 50th Anniversary

Could make a great above-the-mantel artpiece!

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