My thrifted silk embroidery of Peacock or lyre bird

Had to send off a few things at post so after we swung by two local antique/vintage places that were closing down due to high rent. I hate seeing smaller, local places pushed out like that to make way for bigger nation-wide/international companies.

I wanted so much to get a gorgeous nude portrait for $65 but let that pass (again.). But I did pick some things up from Vinnies and this vintage shop.

My thrifted silk embroidery of Peacock or lyre bird

My thrifted silk embroidery of Peacock or lyre bird

Peacock or lyre or pheonix birds hand embroidered onto antique silk and dated 1968. Goes well with my cheery, colourful prints in living area.

My thrifted Lytton orange typewriter

My thrifted Lytton orange typewriter

Vintage typewriter. In as new condition!! Gorgeous, always wanted a vintage typewriter. Small enough not to be a space-nuisance!

And a pink ceramic dressing table box. Makes great one-off gifts.

Great day :)

6 May 2008



  1. Reply

    Homegrown {& the Bug}

    7 May 2008

    That (ORANGE!) typewriter brings up so much jealousy in me it’s not even funny! Nice find :)

  2. Reply

    diana @ please sir

    7 May 2008

    FUN!! Love the typewriter!

  3. Reply


    7 May 2008

    homegrown: hehe nice to hear, i mean my hubby just looked puzzled and said something like, “aren’t there enough computers at home??”diana: i love it. wish i had a space to display RIGHT now.

  4. Reply


    7 May 2008

    Incidentally there’s one on eBay Australia now!

  5. Reply

    The Shopping Sherpa

    12 May 2008

    Fabulous typewriterly find!

  6. Reply


    12 May 2008

    you definitely scored!

  7. Reply


    14 May 2008

    shopping sherpa & pink: I KNOW! i’m soooo chuffed :)

  8. Reply

    FrankieTracy W

    21 August 2013

    Hi! Do you know where I can buy ribbon in Australia for the same model? Royal Litton 203. I have an orange one too! Cheers

  9. Reply


    21 August 2013

    Frankie: hi! nope, sorry! i haven't had much luck finding one either locally. i suggest trawling Google for sites in the US or the UK. Hope you find something for your vintage Orange typewriter :)

  10. Reply

    Gin+ is

    21 August 2013

    Thanks for the quick reply! I'll try out one of the USA sellers when it runs out. Happy with the faded ink look at the moment. ^__^ lovely blog you have!


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