The Wisdom of Hindsight: Seating

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Oct 30 2007
Woodson + Rummersfield's yellow, gold and black showroom

I wish I knew 3 years ago what I know now about me. I’d have been more careful in selecting seating choices in our home. Despite all-day-morning sickness, despite having to carry a bucket all day long, I’d have insisted on quality (and comfort) rather than comfort and speed. I’d gone for a selection of seating rather than a matching suite in a blah colour and blah fabric.

I would love to start again with a fresh slate in my living room and fresh wad of cash. This time, I’d indulge in my senses, bully the landlord into being able to paint the place and selecting different window treatments. I’d choose upholstery in luscious fabrics and colours and be brave with patterns.

Woodson + Rummersfield's yellow, gold and black showroom

Woodson + Rummersfield’s yellow, gold and black showroom

I’d choose a lounge lower armrests yet comfy leg and back room. I’d select beautiful fabric rather than plain corduroy.

I’d select furniture with interesting legs. Maybe get go for a large one 4-5 seater and lots of single comfy armchairs. Not be afraid of colour.

Curved lounge in bright room

I’d even at least give a curved lounge suit a go. Makes for great architectural shapes in your otherwise bland rental living space.
Although, you’d need a generous sized lounge room.

Divider in a corner to add burst of colour

I’d give Chesterfields a go. I’d always thought them to stuffy and uncomfortable seating. But upholstered in a fresh linen or a rich velvet or a vibrantly patterned fabric would make it such a fun and versatile piece. Not at all belonging to a gentleman’s smoking room.

Divider to add interest to a corner

And add plenty of comfortable one-seater lounges and armchairs. And not super large pieces… just nice, comfortable, neat designs.

The lessons one learns when one actually studies lounges, seating and needs.

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