The toys of today, the vintage of tomorrow

Jasmine is now 20 months. No more a baby (boo-hoo).

I’ve been slowly transitioning her room into a little darling girly room these past few weeks.

While doing all this work, it occurred to me that the toys the girls now own, I should be less trigger-happy about getting rid of them. Before this epiphany, I’ve been waiting for them to grow out of them and then sell them.

But they will become vintage and collectable one day.

And one day, they too, will sigh and quietly (or verbally!) wish their parents had the foresight to keep some. One day, they will sit at their computers and trawl the internet for hours looking for replacements.

I periodically go looking for a replacement set for my Tomy Fashion Plates:

Vintage Tomy Fashion Plates, via Pinterest

Vintage Tomy Fashion Plates, via Pinterest

My sister knew of my hunt and decided to buy my oldest girl a recent lookalike from Doug and Melissa, but it broke after 20 minutes of using… I found the plastic not as durable, the crayon not as high quality and the pencils were not usable on the cheap paper!

My sister also discovered a goldmine of vintage Barbie playsets from a Gumtree seller willing to part with HER old Barbie playsets from the 80-90s. So we scored about 6-8 different playsets for a total of AUD$25!

Vintage Barbie playsets like these, the Travel Agent set, as on Amazon

Vintage Barbie playsets like these, the Travel Agent set, as on Amazon


Vintage Barbie Baby Care Center, via Pinterest

Vintage Barbie Baby Care Center, via Pinterest

I’m still trying to come up with the best way to display and store each set so it’s not a monster job setting up and packing up each set into the large Ziplock bag they came in. I think something like this is the best bet:

Maybe each cubicle with a different background so as to differentiate each playset and function.

But with a door. (I hate dusting.)

Yay for vintage!

I’ve often noted that the plastic of these old-to-my-children toys seem to be better quality than today’s toys. (Including the A-Frame Fisher Price dollhouse.) Not brittle and they don’t break easy. The plastic seems to be thicker too.


Back to the toys of today

I think we have to think of the children. In 20 years or so, will we regret having given all our children’s toys away?

I have decided on keeping a few. I’ll definitely be saving my girls’ Lalaloopsy Ferris Wheel:

The Lalaloopsy Ferris Wheel, via Pinterest

The Lalaloopsy Ferris Wheel, via Pinterest

Even I, as an adult, love the playful marriage of orange, pink and red. (As usual, I don’t care much for the dolls and figurines… it’s the furniture and houses that intrigue me.)

I’ll also be keeping aside as much of the LEGO as I can!

What do you think you’ll keep?

2 September 2015



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