The thing with moving… into a rental…

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Apr 4 2013

I’m not the best at moving. Especially when we have to set up home in a place not ours. Renting (for now) means having to work with how others before us have lived their lives. Their paint colours, their kitchen and bathroom designs, their picture hook placements, their curtain choices, their preferences for bright or dark spaces…

But we’re in our new (old) rental. (6th rental since we got married in 2004) This house, we discovered (coincidentally, by my midwife, who lived here for a while in 1989!), was built in 1989. It’s got issues with damp, lighting here is atrocious… the rooms are painted in un-ideal colours and decoupaged with cupids, dragonflies and stars. The bathroom and kitchen designs leave much to be desired… but we chose this place because it filled all our needs (not all our wants.

We’ve been here 7 days and I find myself in funks now and then. When one moves, furniture inevitably get repurposed in different rooms, for different uses… And I inevitably get left with finding storage/space for other things…

So right now, I have piles of things everywhere… and things spilling out of furniture onto floors into other “temporary” homes.

I love setting up home… but doing it while being very very pregnant… means hormones clash with better judgement and enhances funks!


And it is in this new (old) rental that we eagerly wait for our new bundle of joy. Baby #2 is coming in around 8 weeks (if she co-operates with due dates). So I’ve got Baby Room #2 to put together.

So far, we have a white side table and a white new-to-us cot. The room we’ve assigned to Baby #2 has been painted a peachy-yellow.

I’ve been inspired by the combos of white, red and orange… and blotches of bright pink…

Pink and orange nursery

Pink and orange nursery

I’ve also been thinking about the furniture pieces I’d like in this room. Knowing me, I steer away from buying “baby furniture in baby stores”… preferring to repurpose other pieces. So I’ve trawled through my inspiration files and whittled down the list of pieces:

  • an armchair with an ottoman
  • storage for nappies etc within easy reach
  • cot… obviously
  • washable rug
  • storage for books/toys

(Don’t need storage for clothes as this room comes with built-ins.)

Love this room… pleasant, neutral colours with pops of reddy-pink. But what draws me are the pieces… which match my list above!

via Jeffers Design Group

via Jeffers Design Group

Always love red for kids… no pinks or blues for me :)

Red and pink twin bed room

Red and pink twin bed room

What are your thoughts on hanging a large airplane in place of a mobile for a little baby girl’s room? I know it’s more a boy’s room treat… but I think it COULD work in a little girl’s room! Whaddaya think?

White airplane in white bedroom, via Living Etc

via Living Etc

I ask because almost 2 years ago whilst on a road trip date with my mother in law I bought something similar from a vintage store… and have *always* wanted to hang an airplane from the ceiling… (way before I’ve seen them being done in home and interior design magazines.)

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