The thing about bedside tables

Symmetry in a dreamy bedroom with dreamy fairy lights

I decided to write a little about bedside tables, after looking at hundreds of interior photos, and looking for my own tables.

Bedside tables should, in my opinion (and need), be able to:
1. store private stuff
2. stack books
3. display lamp

At the moment, we are looking to move (to another rental). I found these fantastic bedside tables by the roadside three weeks ago. The master bedroom has been neglected in my low-budget interior Audrey-fying. Our previous mismatched tables barely met our needs… so the find was a good one. They are now in my bedroom… and while being useful there, they’re not ideal. So I have been thinking about “ideal”…

Lesson #1: Size Matters

Our master bedroom has the width span just to fit a queen-sized bed and two bedside tables (i.e. not real large room). So the width of said tables need to be carefully planned. Too large, they won’t fit (duh). Too small or narrow, they look orphaned. Ours look orphaned. Ours are slim. And they need more space to for presence. Luckily this is only rental and hopefully (soon) we’ll be able to move into one with more room to swing a cat.

Anyway. Right now, the bedside tables standing next to our bed feel lost. Like it needs huge slim floor lamps to fill the floor and height space.

Symmetry in a black and white room with blue accents

See how slim the above tables are? It works in this space because there is plenty of room either sides of the bedside tables so they look “purposely selected” rather than “that’s all I have and it’ll have to do”.

Lesson #2: Work with Width

If you have a similar problem to mine as abovementioned, I thought one way to combat the lack of fit would be to highlight the narrow width with a feature. Like installing a headboard across the whole wall ‘couches’ the bedside tables.

Symmetry in a pink and red bedroom with cross chandeliers

It frames the entire wall.

Or draping that whole wall + window with gorgeous fabric from ceiling to floor. (That room mirrors most closely our master bedroom atm with its narrow beige walls and the window behind the bed. Complete with that awkward space between bedside table and wall and bed). So this is an idea we could adopt.

Symmetry in a grey and green bedroom

Allows us privacy + diffused lighting. Again, it frames the wall. Instead of seeing orphaned side tables under a stark wall + window, you see this curtain working to frame the space. The bedside tables won’t look as lost.

Lesson #3: Storage vs none

Figure out what you really need in your bedside tables. So often we misjudge what we need. So often we find what we have lacking. I know what I’d like… (and what I can’t afford right now)… but it’s a step to know what to keep scouting for and when we can afford to get something that meets our needs. Some people don’t need much, like the below bedrooms.

Divider as bedhead

Plank on corbel as bedside table in a deep pink bedroom

And lucite, while a glamorous trending furniture at the moment, hides nothing:

Nancy Corzine's bedroom with glamourous mirrored 4 poster bed

Look, I realise these photos are staged so personal items are kept away…

But you gotta have the *space* for those personal items when the photographers and editors run away.

I figured out, I like to read in bed. I like to have a moisturiser handy, space for my glasses, alarm clock and lamp. Instead of piling books on the floor, it would be good to have a bedside table that caters for some books. Something like the bedside in the below photo (with some drawers) would be great.

Bedside table with space for books in a mauve bedroom

Lesson #4: Unsuite

I remember while shopping around for our bed before we got married. I wanted to purchase the whole bedroom suite, dresser, vanity, bedside tables and huge bed. Luckily, the husband reminded me that our bank account wasn’t deep and the reason we were in that store in the first place was to get a bed. Otherwise now, I’d be stuck with a suite! Now I can’t stand suites. It’s so… boring!

Mixing it up seems to add great interest to a room. I love that my sleigh bed does not match with the turquoise gloss bedside tables.

Anymore to add?

24 September 2007
27 September 2007



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