The quirkier… the better

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Jan 26 2007
Crystal Vases Chandelier

i love pieces of furniture that make a room … extra special!

see my crib below… *sigh*

and Richard Shed’s work…

The Mr Moon Console

Mr Moon Console

The Here Hook

The Here Hook

And check out the Brownie edge bake pan! I love crunchy sides of brownies more than the gooey mess in the middle. $32.50 each.

Bakers Edge Brownie Pan

Glorious crystal chandelier

I would grab these if I could afford it in a jiffy! These chandeliers are made to look like old crystal vases and decanters!

Crystal Vases Chandelier

I wonder how troublesome cleaning them would be. They would only look great when they’re clean. Cobwebs… dead insects… dust… hmm.

Dining cubes

table dining for the space-challenged folk…

Small space dining cube

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