The Porch.

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May 29 2010
The dismal front porch of our tiny studio

I truly believe the “Welcome in” factor starts at the front door. That’s why the front door/porch bothered me so much at the old place.

Since we have moved into the back of my in law’s yard into the tiny 40.5m2 (430 sq ft) studio, I have yet another porch to work on. But of course the problem is that this isn’t mine to work on, to change, to better.

This is the sad looking porch in question:

The dismal front porch of our tiny studio

The dismal front porch of our tiny studio

It’s tiny. Right now, the area looks dismal. Since moving in, I’ve installed various pots of plants + 1 hanging plant flanking each side make it prettier and greener.

I want it to look like this:

Beautiful cladded porch

To make mine looking like the pretty one above, I nicked a rickety wooden garden chair from the in-laws, but the area still needs plenty of loving.

Since we moved into this tiny shoebox to save money rather than spend it wildly, we have to quietly make do.

Otherwise, I would slap good quality glossy paint on the cladding, the trim, the door, the timber slat flooring. I would install a brick path instead of the temporary-but-already-years-old wooden slats on the ground. At some point, my parents in law want to paint the exterior of the little hut we call home. We all want it to match with the main house (only 15 feet away) which has just been repainted a lovely provincially green and white.

But me, I’ve been dreaming of high gloss, grey-blues and white:

Porch painted with gloss blue and white cane furniture

Ideally, because the space is soooo small, I keep thinking UPWARDS. I’d love to have a vintage bakers stand with a marble top there for my plant pots. I’d also love to have a small, but comfortable cane reading chair with a tiny side table.

The windows are really plain. I’d love to install shutters to flank the windows:

Bright blue shutters against a dark cladded wall

A little metal table with my pots would also look really cute! But my porch is raised… I’d have to find a really narrow side table.

A few planter boxes wouldn’t go astray. Esp planted by my new favourite flowering plant: the begonia!

Whimsical studio playroom

What do you think?

Can do?

See my previous blogpost on porches here.

{I miss my previous porch.}

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