The Lounge Dilemma

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Oct 2 2007

Firstly, a little about me… Drey stands for Au-DREY. We live in a small double storey townhouse, 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathrooms, separate kitchen/dining room and small and narrow living/formal dining area. I think this small complex of 4 townhouses was built in the early 70s so it’s not spacious nor modern. We moved into this rental 2.5 years ago and had been freshly painted and carpeted. Bathrooms had been updated and kitchen cabinets had been replaced with budget-but-modern ones. We can’t afford to buy in this lovely-favourite area and rental prices have soared in Melbourne, Australia. So might be in this rental for a while yet…

Anyhoos. I loved the sofas on design boner‘s website and commented that one thing that those gorgeous sofas and mine had in common were high arms. While pregnant when we moved back to Melbourne 2.5 years ago, it was all I could do to stay upright for 5 mins before rushing for some toilet-bowl quality time… so we settled for the first lounge that felt comfy. Never mind the look, I was too sick to focus.

My lounge room with gigantic armrests. Ugly lounge suite.

Since gaining my sanity and weight back, I now hate the look of this lounge. The line at the top of the lounge irks me, as do the large bulk of the armrests. I’m planning on recovering them in diff shades of light-to-mid greys once we have the free mula.

But it has all the required elements for husband and myself:
1. Comfy cushy seating
2. Great support for back and head
3. Comfy to sleep on
4. Armrests that can support head without cushions
5. Seats deep enough that we don’t feel like half our bums get good seating while the other half hangs in space.

Side tables have always stumped me. The place is too small for more tables on the other side of the 3 seater… between the 2 and 3 seater is a space I’d like to have smart table space for mugs, bits and a lamp. The armrests of the 3 seater measures 70cm (27.5″) in height.

My lounge room with gigantic armrests. Ugly lounge suite.

My lounge room with gigantic armrests. Ugly lounge suite.

design boner‘s suggestions, while awesome, would feel real small… anymore suggestions, design boner????

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